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10 Inch Internal Tubular Frame
Straight Leg Tubular Frame 10 Inch
Price: $10.50
Polka Dots Beaded Beaded Handles (2)
Beautiful Black and White Polka Dot Round Beaded Handles With Nickel/Silver End tips
Price: $18.00 $15.00
8" X 3.25" Internal Tubular Frame
Internal purse frame 8"X3.25" Closed and Inside Dimensions of 7" X 5.5" When Open
Price: $9.00
Beautiful Antique Brass Turnlock
This Turnlock Measures 2" Wide and 1 1/2" Tall Comes With Screws and Backplates
Price: $5.00
Round Hear Beaded Handles (2)
Beautiful Round Red And White Heart Pattern Beaded Handles With Nickel End Tips Sold In Pairs
Price: $16.50 $14.50
Black and Gold Oval Beaded Handles (2)
Black and Gold Metal Enlaced Acrylic Oval Beads Handles With Nickel End Tips
Price: $16.00 $14.00
12" Internal Flex/Hex Frame With Eyelets
This 12" Flex Frame Has a 5" Opening And Comes With Eyelet Rivets Used For Attaching A Chain
Price: $7.50
Bicone and Round Beaded (2) Handles
Acrylic Bicone and Metallic Beaded Handles With Nickel/Silver End Tips Sold In Pairs
Price: $16.00
Crackle Style Beaded Handles (2)
Acrylic Round Crackled Style Beaded Handles Catches all Surrounding Colors With Nickel End Tips Sold In Pairs
Price: $17.00
6" x 3" Frame All Channel w/ball closure
Modern Frame SFPF-M23 Regular Price $7.00
Price: $5.50
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Tool/Cosmetic Bag Internal Frame 10" Long X 4" Leg SFPF-IF07-10
Internal Frame
Price: $5.00
Leg Size:
Tool/Cosmetic Bag Internal Frame 12" Long X 4" Leg SFPF-IF07-12
Internal Frame
Price: $6.50
Metal Handle 6 " x 4" SFPH-M07
Metal Handle REGULAR PRICE $7.00
Price: $6.50
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Very Unique Square Wood Handle (2) 4 7/8 Inches Wide X 3 1/4 Inches Tall SFPH-W102
Wood Handle REGULAR PRICE $8.50
Price: $6.50
Elegant Gate Frame SFPF-G01
Classic/Vintage Frame REGULAR PRICE $12.50
Price: $10.00
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Rectangular Shiny Nickel Slider 2 1/8" X 1 3/16" Overall Dimension 1 7/8" X 7/8" Inside Dimensions (4)
SFMR-REC01 Regular Price $1.40 (4)
Price: $1.00
Beautiful Weaved Rattan Handle
Rattan Handle SFPH-R15 REGULAR PRICE $8.00 (2)
Price: $6.50
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12" Internal Hex/Flex Frame With Self Lock Rivets/Pins
Made in the USA Heavy Duty 12 inch internal hex frame. Opened dimensions are 9 1/2" X 5 1/2"
Price: $7.00
Bicone Round(chunky) Beaded (2) Handles
Acrylic Round(chunky) and Metallic Beaded Handle with Nickel/Silver End Tips. Sold in Pairs.
Price: $16.00